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Journal 139 - September 2020

At the time of preparation for this edition of the Journal the lockdown is still in place, although easing slightly, but still restricting many people’s lives and activities. If there has been a positive side to this, it has shown itself in the amount of articles we have received! We have had so many that some are going to have to be held over until the next edition (the authors will be contacted), as we wanted primarily articles about Barry, so these have taken priority. Apologies are given to any disappointment about the delay if your article isn’t in this one, but it WILL go in the next if possible, and you are welcome to check up with me if you wish.

Talking of the next Journal: the other consuming news topic of the past 6 months has been the reaction to the apparently racially motivated riots in America, the UK and elsewhere, with its destruction and defacing of monuments and statues to an imperialist past. I mention this as, although we are not a political organ, we cannot ignore these concerns and feel that it is appropriate for the end of this year to ask for contributions to Glamorgan’s Black History. Therefore, if you have any Black, Asian, Mixed Race or ethnicity within your friends and family circles, please write in with your experiences, good and bad, whether in school, growing up, in the workplace, or socially, and if your experience is second-hand, ie you have observed how a BAME person is or was getting along, then please write about it.

Our Journal is lodged with the University of Wales, alongside all publications produced in Wales, and in many years’ time our journals will be the source of much useful information to students and researchers on how we, in the 2020s, have evolved our reasoning and response to racial inequality.

Meanwhile, if there is any Summer left by the time you get this, let us hope it is a more relaxing and safe environment in which to enjoy it - I know you will enjoy the multi-layered stories in this Journal.

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