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Journal 141 - March 2021

Our March 2021 Journal has been uploaded to our Journal Archive - Members need to log in to view.  

The Centre Insert includes a Postal Voting form for anyone not able to join us online for our Annual General Meeting on Saturday 6 March at 2 pm.  

 Welcome to this Spring edition of the Journal, and to positive ‘shoots’ for this year’s season of growth and renewal in particular, as we look forward to some return to normality with the coming of the vaccine that will protect us from this dreadful virus.

March of course is the month of our patron saint, Saint David, and to coincide we are delighted to welcome Anna Brueton of the London Branch of the Welsh Family History Societies, who as Guest Editor has sent us some inspiring articles from, by, and about, those Welsh people who left for London over the years to seek better lives for themselves and their families. Many stayed, but quite a few came back, and their adventures good and bad make exciting reading.

There is a general article about the history of the Welsh travelling to London, an article about the London branch of the Welsh Family History Societies, details of the project to transcribe the genealogical records of London’s Welsh chapels and churches, and some fascinating stories of individuals who have succeeded against all the odds. Also included is the life of a London Welsh policeman during the last war with some graphic accounts of his duties during that time, and of course something about London Welsh sport!

Comprehensive reference sources are given for those who want to follow their own family’s history through London’s business, social and religious lives.

Anna Brueton is very keen to invite Glamorgan Family History members to join their activities, and you can ask their secretary, Anne Jones, to add your name to their mailing list - see Anne’s details below in the article by Ros Bowles.

Our next Journal, due in June, will be a collection of wide-ranging subjects that have been sent over the last few months, with no particular theme, so if you want to send an item in, please do, by April 20th.

The September issue will also have a general theme - deadline July 20th - and by then we should all be in a better place to see a brighter future!